Discovering fraud from images is now (a) reality (all Italian)

I have always had a great passion for innovation in general and in particular for insurtech. For as long as I have had the opportunity, I’ve tried to contribute to the innovation of the insurance sector through my Association (e.g.Ideazione della Convenzione CARD), when I was lucky
enough to meet a character like Andrea Mungo (founder of METAKOL, creator of the V.E.D.R. patent.of KOLIMAT and former CEO of OCTOCAM of the OCTOTELEMATICS Group) who I consider one of the very few innovators in our country. He got me involved in a project delving
deeper into the eternal fight against insurance fraud. Andrea Mungo is the person who had the ingenuity to bring together insurance, legal and engineering skills in a single team.The pool of engineers working with METAKOL is in fact coordinated by Prof .Roberto Revetria, professor of
Electronic Engineering at the University of Genoa, who is integrating our computer platform with the use of neural networks able to understand any tampering with an image carried out through the use of graphic editing software (e.g.Adobe photoshop).

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